New Realm Update - Recording in a Tropical Storm

It’s 1:00 AM on the morning of Tuesday September 12th.


When a tropical storm occurs, it makes it a little tricker to get things done. Power was doing great today. Spent most of the day getting stuff ready for our Sunday service at Classic City. Got up early, went to the gym, even got to wear a sweater. Amazing. 5:30 hits. Black. We had planned to record guitars at my studio at 6:30. Evan and John Dexter Burch, who will now be referred to as JDB, arrive. We hungry. Attempt at chinese food at Golden Dragon, but due to unforeseen business we try Taco Bell, one of my favorite establishments. Even the bell didn’t ring today. We return home in the dark, empty handed, hearts even emptier. Evan makes us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I check to see if Studio 1093 has power and we decide to take a chance and go there. Power and no internet, which makes it harder but definitely workable. Turns out I couldn't update a program on my computer so we take a little field trip over to neighbor studio Chase Park to bounce down some Pro Tools 10 files to Pro tools 9. Evan and Bobby get restless in the process so Evan makes a bet with Bobby to slap him in the face and record it in slow motion. Bet goes through, Bobby gets slapped in face in slow motion. Bounces finish and we return to 1093 to cut vocals. It was an incredible night. Ended up using a vintage Neumann U67, my favorite vocal mic in history, to cut all of Bobby’s vocal takes for the evening. That thing just sounds right. We go for a couple hours and decide to call it a night. Lovely night of dancing, laughing and making slight fun of each other… love it. 

Shoutout to Vern, the MVP studio intern who has been such an incredible help. Thanks also to Holly and Will, other interns who have served the project. They are MVP’s!

I’ve gotta go to sleep, it’s bene such a hard day sitting at home.

I pray that power comes back to us! Night!