Spain day 1: Secret to conquering jet lag and don't eat food as soon as it hits the table

We out here. Made it to Spain. We are staying 3 days in Girona, about 60 miles out from Barcelona in Catalonia. It is beautiful here. The weather has been perfect and the sites as beautiful as you could imagine. We reach the city yesterday afternoon around 3pm, after three flights (one missed flight thanks to me!) and a train. We are 6 hours ahead of the times here, so my brain was urgently telling my body that it had pulled an all nighter to about 8 in the morning. We had been traveling for about 14 hours. 

So I think the secret to defeating the jet lag is to force yourself to stay awake until you can go to sleep and knock out until a normal time the next day. So we forced ourselves out of the air bnb and went for a little hike through the city to avoid laying down, and man was it amazing! We stumble upon Catedral De Girona and were able to just walk around all the ancient buildings surrounding the area. We climbed and climbed until we were able to find an amazing view atop what seemed to be an ancient fortress. Weather out is sunny and 70 degrees, sun falling over an ancient spanish city. Praise God! We find a nice little restaurant in town and finish up the day with some calamari, cheese, toast and white wine. We fight til around 6 and them it was time to hit the hay. 


Hilarious way to wake up. Set no alarm, slept 14 hours to wake up fresh in the morning. I wake up to the sound my mom yelling my name from the street. I mean YELLING. Our air bnb is 2 floors up from the street, when people talk down there it sounds like they're at the foot of your bed.  "ANZHOOOOOOOOO" (that's how she says it with her accent). I'm still laughing about it. I jolt out of bed. "ANZHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOO!!!" I open the door and step to the balcony. "ANZHOOOOOOOO AHHHH" hahahahaha. So I'm so disoriented I put on my jeans but forget my shirt, can't find my glasses. I run down to the street and meet her at the door. "I got locked out!" She tells me. So I let her in and boom, we're all up! Turns out she had the keys but just assumed they wouldn't work for some reason!!! hahaha. Anyways we start the day just strolling the streets checking out different shops. We get coffees and croissants for breakfast then hit up Girona Museum of Art. It was quaint, quiet and lovely. I particularly enjoyed the impressionist paintings they had of the town. After that we hit the museum we decide to get lunch. here's our touristy hiccup at lunch:


The menu is in spanish with some loosy goose translation. We get an appetizer so my mom and I decide to order something translated to "Pumpkin Cream." Sounds sick and new. My sister gets an amazing looking bread dish with some veggies and fish on it. and when ours comes out in a big bowl with about 5 croutons and 5 pieces of what appears to be fancy bacon bits. I mean BITS. So my mom and I look at each other... Im thinking... "The heeeeehhhh is this..?" She thinking "Thee heeeeehhh is this?" So I assumed its some fancy food thing and assure my mom that it's the pumpkin "cream." I mean Europe right? I start eating my crumbs and start assuring her... " mmm Mom it's good it's supposed to be like this!" "Mom it's really good." In my head I'm thinking "this takes nothing like pumpkin" I get about half way through the croutons and the waitress comes fills the bowl with the soup that is supposed to go in there.... the pumpkin cream. She looks at me now like "The heeeehhh is this?" And then every is like "The heehhhhh!?" We are FOOLS hahah. Anyways lunch is amazing we have pumpkin cream garnished WITH croutons, bake Hake(fish) and a Pistacchio Mousse thing for desert. 

Now we're at the pad for Siesta! Taking a few hours to rest and we're going to go to a beer festival here in a little bit!