A Film Catch Up!

Well, got some film developed. It is truly like Christmas every time it comes back from the lab. The past few months have been so full - new dreams being birthed, old dreams laying down, getting to spend some time with some incredible people. I feel the growth with each turn. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few months. They are taken on my Canon AE-1 Program and are shot either on Fujifilm XTRA 400 or Ilford HP5 Plus 400. In no particular order, but in a particular pattern.


Talking next steps with Artist MD. January, 2018.


I took a lot of video during the Artist MD project. I thought it was such a fun way to look back and celebrate each day. The videos would have me up all night, but I am so glad we have them.


Sol Grimes.


Bobby Barbs. Getting married in one weeks time.


New Realm string section. Chase Park Transduction. December 2017.


A cheech and his wagons.


Everyone knows that their dog is the best dog in the world. But Marley is the best dog in the world!


The Last Night. Last day of tracking. January 2018.


Sony MXP 30306. Chase Park Transduction Athens, GA


Gabby x2


From Taiwan. was leftover on this roll. This was one of the most interest ways I've seen anyone make coffee. November 2017.


Kirsten Boss. Cello. Artist MD sessions January 2018.