Today, I launched my Kickstarter Campaign for the project, "From My Window To Yours" by Andrew Blooms. I'm getting everything ready to get the campaign out there and to let you good peoples know what's going on. I don't think I have ever been this nervous about starting a project. There is something about putting the idea out there, asking people to help, hoping that you communicated all that you wanted... It's all truly, terrifying. 

There was a moment yesterday during the filming of the kickstart video where I all of sudden became incredibly anxious about making this. It was really strange, it came and left quickly, but was unexpected and caught me off guard. I have been dreaming about doing this album for a long time, and especially over the last few months, I have been able to think of little else. There is a certain weight behind it for me, it is something I know I'm suppose to pursue. I think often in things that are important to us, there is an equal and opposite force against it. Fears, doubts, anxieties, are all part of the mix. I am learning that it is important to pay attention to the fears and doubts in my life - and not just acknowledge them, but run after them. That is where faith is found, right at the edge of what cannot know or understand. Anyway, for me, taking these steps to make this record is running to that edge. The songs I am writing are about my experiences with God, but most maybe not be able to fit into the church context. They're a mix of different parts of me. Worship leader who loves God, 90's hip hop fan, singer-songwriter, blues guitarist... It will be an interesting project. But anyways, Bombs away, the kickstart has begun. 

21 days (20 now) to raise $3500! I believe, let's do this! thank you guys!

I want to thank my roommate Evan Reece, who runs Evan Reece Media, who followed me around yesterday to make the kick starter video. He is amazing at what he does, so just a quick shoutout to him. If any of you need photo or video work, please hit him up, here is his website:

With that being said! Here is a link to the Kickstart page where you can read more about the vision behind the album. Thank you again!