Quick Update. Chatanooga, Kickstarter, New Video Coming Soon

It has been such a full week. A lot of growth, a lot of change. Many things are shifting for me personally, and I learning to continue to lean on God in a whole new way. A deeper way. It truly is a joy to walk with God, because He is always better than you think. There is always more. 

My best guy Bobby is getting married this weekend. We have had some rich times with the guys over the past few weeks. Last night, we hung out one last time before Bobby and Bess made their way up to the mountains to get ready for the wedding. Bobby's been sleeping on my couch for the past couple weeks and last night I decided to sleep down in the living room with him. It was pretty silly, but it was a great last late night hang with the bro before the wedding. Enjoy every season with your people. Yes it changes, but it's not for worse or better, just what is next. Enjoy EVERY season and don't wish it away. 

Yesterday, spent the day in Chatanooga with their worship leaders and some representatives from Integrity Music. The conversation was so life giving. There is something shifting in our culture - music culture - a challenge of what has become normal and a question that is asked in all of us. Long story short, without getting into too much detail, I am having my heart and eyes opened to the importance of the song of the saints, not just the few. We are ALL partakers in the story, and if you have a song, even if no one ever hears it. It is important and powerful.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 6.59.21 PM.png

On the fundraising for the album. It has been truly incredible. I feel like God is totally blessing this adventure and is proving His faithfulness, something He loves to do. I am currently at 2830 out of 3500 with just over 10 days to go! People have been so encouraging and I feel the wind in my sails to keep pushing and and to keep dreaming. I still have a short ways to go, so if you would like to support, here's the link to all that.


NEW VIDEO SOON: On Monday night I was itching to get creative, so I went late to the studio with my MPC and recorded a version of one of my new songs "Song For All My Days." Then, Evan and Bobby showed up and helped me film a little video! It was such a fun night of spontaneous adventure and hangs. Video set to come out here in the next couple days. 

I am encouraged this week guys. I am seeing life spring forth around me, despite me. I am understanding grace more and am filled with hope. I am deeply encoruaged and ready for me.