Artist M.D. - Day 1

1:50AM. Day one with Artist MD is complete. We had such a rich day creating music to fit the poems. My typical recording day starts with the gym if I can get there, it definitely makes me feel like I have way more energy during the day. Maybe I'll get there tomorrow, but chances are slimming with each minute I stay up. I was going to go to bed early but then I had this idea of making recap videos for our studios - one to have some great memories from each stage of the project, but also that you might enjoy it too. 

When making music, it is always amazing to pause and realize what you're doing. We all had that moment together today. We were like "we are freaking making music!" - Something I hope to never take for granted. Val is putting his heart and soul into song for everyone to hear, and I get to be a part of directing it and watching him and the others come to life. There are few things that bring me more joy than to watch artists come into themselves.

I hope to be making more videos. For now please enjoy the VERY first episode of Bloom Sounds: From the Garden. Rock on!