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I have a passion for the creative process and love journeying with artists through the mysterious, exciting and often tedious adventure of making music. I believe in a holistic approach to audio production, valuing the artist's vision, values and well-being as much as the art itself. I believe that the process of making a record, not the outcome of the music itself, is the ultimate aim and my goal with each project is to allow a space for my artists to explore, grow and ultimately be excited and energized by the process of seeing their creative visions come to life. I value excellence, honor, creative boldness and willingness. I believe that all of these things are key ingredients to the growth of a soul and development as an artist. 


I don't believe that the first idea is always the best idea. It may be good, but most of the time it's the hint of a deeper treasure. I live to find the unexpected treasures that only can be found by diving deeper than we dared to dive yesterday. When we work together, my goal is to challenge you to think differently, explore new ideas, and embrace the discomfort of growing. My ultimate goal is for you to have a beautiful and honest representation of your work. I have never worked on a great album that did not require friction. Friction makes the fire. I want to enter into creative processes that challenge all parties to learn, take leaps of faith, and boldly say yes to the unknown. You can expect to come out with something great, but you can also expect to experience every inch of the journey to achieve it.   

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