"FROM MY WINDOW TO YOURS (Pt.1)" is now available

Listen to it on Spotify or order a beautiful physical copy (CD's are the BOMB.)

I'm Andrew Blooms and I'm a singer-songwriter. My debut album "From My Window To Yours" is now available on all platforms. My goal is to create a collection of songs to frame my journey and experience with God in this current season. Through my life's transition, transience, and disconnect, I am finding that God, and all His promise, can carry me through all things. Though it does not diminish the complexity and depth of what happens in my world, my faith helps put it all into a space - a grid for purpose and understanding how and why it all matters. These are the truths I hope to illuminate with my music. 

I keep a blog from time to time with updates on the recording process and other parts of my life. That can be read here.

I also run a studio under the moniker "Bloom Sounds". I love producing records for other artists, helping them to understand their own voice and creating a plan to make it happen. Information on that can be found here.

I sell some swag. You can buy some here.